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The Farm First Farmer Peer Network is a group of farmers trained in listening skills, problem-solving and resiliency-building to help other farmers get through the rough spots.

They can also help you access the many resources available through Farm First, including a counselor.

Things you might talk to a farmer peer about:

  •     balancing work and life
  •     injuries or illnesses that are affecting your work
  •     challenges working with family, staff, or coworkers
  •     anxiety, stress, and overwhelm
  •     how to prioritize when there's too much to do
  •     weather, disease, and other frustrations of farming

There are Farmer Peers all over Vermont, in many different farming disciplines.

Click to read the story about the Farmer Peer program in the Valley News

Listen to the Vermont Public Radio story on how the peer network can help alleviate some of the stress of being a farmer.

"The group has a wide range of experiences, yet we can all agree about the intense stress of farming and the need for a group and a project like this one. I'm looking forward to continuing both the collective Zoom time and the self-guided activities between sessions." - Farmer Peer on the training

There are other opportunities to be involved with Farm First, including being a member of our Advisory Group.

Our peer support program is developing based on the input we get from farmers about what works well. Contact us if you're interested in learning more about becoming a peer.

To find a peer, use the interactive map or the peer listing.


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