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One of the most rewarding parts of life is our connections with other people. We often think about relationships as a spouse or significant other, but there are many kinds of relationships, all of which are important. To our parents we are their children, and we are parents to our children.  We are neighbors, residents, co-workers, partners or friends, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins or siblings, and on and on. No matter your personal situation, you are related to people, and therefore always impacted by your relationships.

Relationships are not just the categories of ways we are connected to one another – relationships are the source of many things: stability or instability; emotional highs and lows; motivation or support; and comfort or discomfort, to name just a few. In other words, relationships are the underpinnings of our daily lives. The quality of our relationships and our approach to relationships are important to our sense of self and our confidence.

Farming can be an isolating profession, which is why cultivating relationships and friendships of any sort is important to your wellbeing. 

All relationships, be they spouses, friends or family, require constant feeding, self-awareness, and the generosity of our time, thought, and care. Not a one of us is immune from the challenges that our relationships bring, and therefore we must all strive to make them work.

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