Separation and divorce are complex and difficult in most situations. When you add a farm to the mix, it can be even more challenging. Before going down such a path, pause -- if you have't already -- and examine all of your options. Except in cases where there is danger from domestic violence, couples counseling is almost always worth a try. Many have found it to save their marriage! If it's too late for that, we can still help.

  • Counseling and Support

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    No one should struggle with the strong emotions that surround such possible loss alone. That's why we're here and encourage you to call us for support. 

    Divorce and separation may bring considerable instability and change to your life. It's a good idea therefore to focus on maintaining as much stability and routine as possible. Call and speak with whoever you can for support; if you aren't sure who to call -- call us. 

  • Mediation

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    Couples often experience anger due to extreme disappointment at the time of divorce. Lawyers may prey on this and some couples end up becoming financially bankrupt by the resulting attorney fees. A divorce can cost $50,000 or more. A much cheaper alternative, often one that produces far better results, is divorce mediation... a negotiated resolution. We can help unpack these options for you. 

  • Children

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    Divorce can be devastating to children but there is much you can do to help them. 

    Divorce can impact their sense of security and trust as well as create feelings of guilt related to a false sense of somehow having done something to cause the divorce. Physical symptoms related to the situation can develop as well – sleeplessness or over-sleep, appetite interruptions, and stress manifestations such as stomach distress, headache, and overall feelings of unrest. Any of these are important to discuss with a Farm First counselor if they impact daily functioning.

    Life as everyone has known it changes dramatically in a divorce. Divorcing parents need to not only look after their own individual wellbeing, but they must be aware of their children’s needs throughout the transition. Seeking help and support is an essential step to healing.

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Do NOT attempt to deal with a divorce or separation on your own. Support is important and we can provide it for free. Contact us by clicking the button above.