Your foundation through the seasons of life

Your work is rooted in the land. Farm First is your connection to free and confidential support for all farmers and their families.


Farm First provides resources, support and counseling to help farmers resolve issues that cause stress.

Any farm owner and their family members have automatic and immediate access to 

confidential help with any personal or work-related issue.

Our staff of licensed counselors and agricultural resource specialists partner with farmers to solve
problems using a proactive, teamed approach. Throughout the past decade, we’ve learned a great deal about how to truly help farmers. Most importantly, our farmers have taught us how to speak their language and meet them where they’re at – often literally – and Farm First has provided individual counseling and critical resources along the entire spectrum of health. 

If it's on your mind, we can help.

Tractor at Work

Services and benefits:

• Resources, strategic solutions, and personal support for farmers and agricultural operations

• Labor and management issues

• Financial concerns

• Substance use

• Injury, illness or adaptive equipment needs

...and much more

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Home and work happen in the same place for you, so we provide support for families, spouses, and children on the farm.

We take a solution-focused approach to with succession planning, marriage or relationship issues, and other common pressures. Our community is here to support your household too.

Plant Selection

If you need to talk to someone directly, we are here to listen. All farmers deserve equal access to services and resources - so what does that look like in real life?

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(802) 318-5538 during daytime work hours

877-493-6216 to reach our 24/7 hotline